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How to Grill an In-N-Out Burger

Those are good burgers, Walter.
If you are looking for an unusual grilling twist on gameday, how about surprising your fellow tailgaters with a fresh In-N-Out style burger?  Serious Eats has reconstructed the cult favorite.  Everything including the bun, meat, dressing, and vegetables have been analyzed and step-by-step instructions show you how to rebuild the popular burger.  Though nailing the recipe requires some attention to detail, the ingredients really boil down to only a handful of required ingredients:

The patties: 2 ounces each, pressed flat to 4-inches in diameter
The bun: Arnold, toasted …

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Maybe you want to get a bit beyond the basics when it comes to grilling up some breakfast foods for your next tailgate party. We gave you a few breakfasts for the grill a couple of weeks ago.  If you want to do a bit of experimenting, here are some tasty tailgating breakfast recipes to give a try.

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Tailgating parties can be exciting and fun, but you need to make sure that you have your party safely. Something going wrong can ruin everything for you. To help you out, here are a few important tailgating safety tips you need to remember.
Tip #1 – Cook Everything Thoroughly
One of the big dangers of tailgating is foods that get spoiled. The last thing you want is everyone going home with food poisoning. Make sure that everything is cooked thoroughly. A meat thermometer may come in handy if you’re grilling to make …

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There are many advantage of trailer hitch grills. One of them is that instead of being limited to the amount of space or size of you portable grill, you can easily bring a full sized regular barbeque grill, as well as many other accessories with you, like your ice chest, or an extra table. All of this you can attach to your trailer hitch.
With Trailer hitch grills, there is no need to even detach your grill to use it, or even to put your tail gate down. Many models have …

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While you’re already having your tailgate party to enjoy a sports event, in your down time why not enjoy some fun games with your friends. After all, you have to find some way to work off all that food you eat. Here are a few fun games to try at your next tailgate party.
Passing the Ball No Hands Allowed
All you need is a couple footballs for this game. Get that team spirit going by having some fun with the football. Divide everyone up into two different teams. Each team should …

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One of the most important parts of tailgating parties happens to be the food. You want to make sure you have great food and plenty of it. Not sure what to serve? Here are a few tasty ideas that are easy to fix.
Easy Sausage Pepper Heroes
Recipes that allow you to eat with utensils are great when tailgating. All you need for this recipe is some onions, peppers, sausages, and some sub rolls. Cook the onions and peppers at home and bring along. Grill up the sausages, put on sub rolls, …